Easy and affordable cybersecurity solution for small businesses

Businesses are increasingly going digital. This also increases the likelihood of cyber incidents.

It's crucial to be aware of your risks related to cybersecurity & data protection – and to take the right steps to reduce them. There are plenty of solutions available, but they don't match the needs of small businesses that often have no IT expertise or resources to invest in costly solutions.

GEIGER, an EU-funded Horizon 2020 innovation project, aims to close this gap. The project is developing a "Geiger counter" for cybersecurity, an easy-to-use and affordable cybersecurity solution small businesses. GEIGER is also building an ecosystem of competent individuals and organisations that offer help, by developing a standardised learning programme for 'Cyber Security Defenders'.

What does GEIGER do?

  1. GEIGER helps you understand what the risks to your business are. It helps you assess your risks based on your location, industry, ICT infrastructure, and cybersecurity skills – with an easy-to-use app.
  2. GEIGER gives you tools that fit your needs and resources. It gives you personalised recommendations for improving the security of your company with state-of-the-art tools and services.
  3. GEIGER offers support whenever you need it. It connects you with trained Cyber Security Defenders who are ready to help.

GEIGER ecosystem

What is GEIGER ecosystem? Download the poster here.
Try it out! Download the poster here.

Latest News and Events Summit 2022

The Summit gathered over a thousand tech enthousiasts to Brussels, Belgium, on 17 May 2022. GEIGER was present at the expo hall, introducing the solution to the visitors at its booth, and giving them a sneak peak to the alpha version of the GEIGER app. read more

Event for Swiss SMEs: How to deal with cyber security risks?

The kickoff event of the Swiss GEIGER Alpha testing on 3 May 2022 gathered approximately 15 participants to discuss the GEIGER platform and the Alpha testing phase at Berufsfachschule BBB in Baden, Switzerland. read more

SME Guide on Information Security Controls

Information is probably the most crucial asset for any organisation, including SMEs. But what is information? Why do we need to protect it? A new 'SME Guide on Information Security Controls' by DIGITAL SME and Small Business Standards (SBS) answers these questions. read more

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How small businesses like Coiffure Loredana benefit from GEIGER


Thanks to GEIGER, Loredana knows whether she is exposed to cyber threats. If needed, she receives support from a Cyber Security Defender of her choice, to help secure her business data and ICT infrastructure.

Read more about Loredana and her experience with smishing (SMS phishing) here.