GEIGER is a project proposed by an international group of experts as a response to the cyber-security challenges of SMEs with a limited background on cyber-security and a restricted budget. GEIGER will be developed in 30 months by a strong consortium of 18 partners from 9 countries.

Consortium Members

University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland Switzerland FHNW Logo
University of Utrecht the Netherlands University of Utrecht Logo
Berufsfachschule BBB Switzerland Berufsfachschule BBB Logo
P├Ądagogische Hochschule Freiburg Germany P├Ądagogische Hochschule Freiburg Logo
Kaspersky Italy Kaspersky Logo
Montimage France Montimage Logo
KPMG Israel KPMG Logo
ATOS Spain SA Spain ATOS Logo
Fores Media Ltd ( the United Kingdom Logo
Schweizerischer KMU Verband SKV Switzerland Schweizerischer KMU Verband SKV
Samenwerkende Registeraccountants en Accountants-Administratieconsulenten SRA the Netherlands SRA Logo
CLUJ IT Romania CLUJ IT Logo
CERT-RO Romania CERT-RO Logo
Coiffure Loredana Switzerland Coiffure Loredana Logo
Haako Switzerland Haako Logo
E-abo Switzerland E-abo Logo
Braintronix Romania Braintronix Logo
Public Tender Romania Public Tender Logo