Tracking app – and digital security – for parents of children with asthma

haako is a small software development agency, with a team of three, founded in 2016. Previously, haako has developed an asthma tracking app for research purposes. Now, it focuses on developing an app, “Breathe”, for parents of children with asthma.

Call for papers for ARES Conference workshop on small businesses' security and privacy is open!

ARES Conference will take place in August 2021. The GEIGER consortium will be organising a joint workshop with PUZZLE and TRAPEZE projects, to tackle the security and privacy for small businesses.

GEIGER is the “Project of the week”!

This week, GEIGER has been selected as the “Project of the week” by is the online hub for research and innovation in cybersecurity and privacy in Europe.

#CybersecMonth: Let’s talk about digital security!

October marks Cyber Security Month, and we took this chance to talk about what cyber threats we face every day and how we could avoid them. It might seem that cyber attacks are far away from us or our business and present the greatest danger only for large corporations. Unfortunately, the statistics say otherwise. Almost half of all the threats strike small businesses. The most common attacks among them are web-based and social engineering attacks, as well as phishing.

From yoga studio owner to app provider and GEIGER ambassador

e-abo is a Swiss startup offering an affordable solution for course administration. As a member of the GEIGER project consortium, e-abo will have the possibility to evaluate the level of cybersecurity risks of their business, and to eliminate any potential threats, all while contributing to the development of the GEIGER framework and tools by bringing in the small business perspective.

New paper on a security assessment and capability improvement method CYSEC

Why is cybersecurity knowledge sharing so important for small businesses? During HAISA 2020 event, Alireza Shojaifar from FHNW presented a newly published paper on a security assessment and capability improvement method CYSEC.

Project information from FHNW for local stakeholders

FHNW has published a page with information about the GEIGER project for local stakeholders in German-speaking Switzerland.

FHNW presents GEIGER in a national press release

The press release describes the cybersecurity challenge of micro and small enterprises, the objectives of the GEIGER project, and the approach followed by the consortium partners for implementing the project.