Upcoming Events

Meet members of the GEIGER Consortium at the following events.

ETRIA World Conference “TRIZ Future” 2020 14-16 October 2020 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
European Cyber Week 2020 21-25 November 2020 Rennes, France
2020 International Conference on the EU Cybersecurity Act 2-3 December 2020 Brussels, Belgium
HOME RUN - 2nd Trinational Cybersecurity Days Basel 2021 18-20 February 2021 Basel, Switzerland

Past Events

Cluj Innovation Days, GEIGER panel discussion

The GEIGER project was introduced in a Cluj Innovation Days panel discussion "Increasing the digital resilience of small businesses - GEIGER counter for cybersecurity" on 12 October 2020.

GEIGER Dutch use case workshop

The Dutch use case workshop Workshop for the GEIGER Horizon 2020 project to discuss the background and opportunities for SMEs and accountants

GEIGER Romanian use case workshop

Workshop within the GEIGER Horizon 2020 project with the theme "Cyber Security: Current Practices and Priorities for SMEs"

GEIGER Swiss use case workshop

The first Swiss use case workshop for the GEIGER project took place in Baden, Switzerland, on 24 August 2020.